Our Services

We at MarkPro, offer a wide variety of asphalt maintenance and restoration services, from line striping, to sign installations, to parking lot design. Don't see your service listed? Contact Us


Line Striping

Line striping not only ensures the traffic flow of vehicles and pedestrians moves safely and smoothly across your property, but provides an immediately visible beautifying element to your business. MarkPro's pavement marking experts maximize your parking lot’s space and aesthetics without sacrificing safety. All layouts are designed in accordance with municipal guidelines using commercial striping systems for optimal performance. To read more, visit our line striping page.

New Layout Services

 For clients who have either purchased a new property or are constructing an additional parking lot, MarkPro provides design services for a completely original layout crafted with safety, aesthetics and compliance in mind.


Pavement Maintenance 

 Not all pothole repairs are created equal. There are long-term repairs as well as short-term solutions, depending on your requirements and budget. MarkPro provides a complete range of pothole repair services utilizing innovative and advanced technology to ensure that your parking lot is both safe and beautiful.

Sign & Installation Services 

Physical traffic signs are an essential part of lot & driver safety, and are required by law on all commercial lots. Signs come in many sizes and are used for an array of applications. We work with local sign manufacturing companies to deliver high-quality signs on demand. All signs meet all regulatory laws and specifications.